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Enhancing client satisfaction through ongoing feedback surveys

A local aged care provider in Brisbane recognised the paramount importance of client satisfaction in delivering exceptional care services. Seeking an effective way to engage with their residents and their representatives, they turned to Quality INSITE to conduct ongoing client feedback surveys.


The provider’s primary challenge was to establish a robust feedback mechanism that allowed residents and their representatives to openly express their feelings about the service they were receiving. They wanted to ensure anonymity to encourage honest and unfiltered responses, while also capturing critical issues in a timely manner to prevent potential escalations.


Quality INSITE partnered with the provider to implement an ongoing rotation of client feedback surveys. Through a carefully designed and anonymous process, residents and resident representatives were given a platform to share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. Quality INSITE’s expertise in survey methodology ensured that the questions were comprehensive, providing valuable insights into client experiences.


Quality INSITE’s ongoing client feedback surveys proved to be a pivotal tool for the local aged care provider in Brisbane. By encouraging open communication and providing an anonymous platform for expression, the provider achieved a remarkable increase in client satisfaction, marked by higher scores. Additionally, the ability to promptly address critical issues showcased their commitment to proactive problem-solving and delivering exceptional care services. This case study exemplifies the positive impact that structured feedback mechanisms can have on elevating client satisfaction and the overall quality of care in the aged care industry.
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A significant improvement in client satisfaction scores, with a remarkable increase from 6 to an impressive average of 8.
The survey process proved to be a valuable early warning system. By identifying and capturing potential issues in their infancy, the provider was able to swiftly address and resolve concerns, preventing potential escalations and fostering a sense of trust and reliability.
The introduction of a structured feedback mechanism fostered a sense of engagement and empowerment among residents and their representatives.
The success of the ongoing surveys underscored the provider's dedication to delivering exceptional care services. The higher satisfaction scores and quick issue resolution highlighted their commitment to continuous improvement and delivering services that meet the needs and preferences of their clients.



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