Meet Paul, Co-Founder of Quality Insite.With a remarkable 30-year career in the financial industry, including various management roles, Paul has transitioned into a decade-long commitment to the Aged Care and disability sector. Over the past 10+ years, he has been instrumental in assisting Australians in finding care while expertly organizing their finances.

Paul’s impact extends to working closely with numerous Aged Care providers, offering financial guidance and conducting training sessions on Aged Care Finance. As a Co-Founder of Quality Insite, he specializes in improving Aged Care experiences, infusing technology to enhance service delivery with a focus on dignity and person-centered approaches.

Paul’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to leveraging technology underscore his commitment to positive change in the Aged Care and disability sector. With a unique blend of financial expertise and Aged Care insight, he ensures Quality Insite remains at the forefront of enhancing the lives of individuals and families navigating the complexities of care and finance.