About Us

About Us


Improving aged care standards through innovation and expertise

Quality INSITE is driven by a passion to elevate the standard of care services in the aged care industry.

Our inception stemmed from recognising the areas within the industry that required improvement. With a deep desire to enhance the quality of care and foster a seamless transition to care nationwide, we founded Quality INSITE.

We recognise that the challenge isn’t a lack of care or sensitivity towards transitioning loved ones into care; it is primarily the lack of awareness regarding associated issues, limited benchmarks for comparison, and inadequate training provisions. We believe that ongoing assessment and ongoing training is the key to lifting the standards in the whole industry.


Exceptional care, dignity and respect for all ageing Australians.

We are a consumer-centric organisation, striving to constantly evolve. Our hearts are firmly placed with those seeking care and seeking to understand aged care.

We operate ethically and look to connect people to viable solutions without bias, but always with respect.

Consumer-centric focus

We consistently evolve to meet the needs of ageing Australians, ensuring their well-being remains at the forefront.

Heartfelt empathy

We connect with individuals on their journeys, providing support, guidance, and solutions that uphold their dignity.

Ethical operations

We are commitment to unbiased guidance; ensuring we connect clients with viable solutions, whilst treating them with utmost respect.

Respectful connections

We forge connections that honour the dignity of every aging Australian. We foster an environment where they are heard, valued, and empowered.


Our Leadership Team

Quality INSITE are aged care occupancy and revenue specialists. Each member of our leadership team is a professional sales trainer, with current industry aged care entry experience. 
We know what you are facing each and every day.

Brad Sandilands

Co-Founder / Director

Paul Murphy

Co-Founder / Director

Lisa Goff

Operations Manager

Brad Sandilands

Co-Founder / Director

Meet Brad, the Co-Founder of Quality Insite, bringing a wealth of experience with over 25 years in Sales, Marketing, and Operational Management roles. With a strong foundation in coaching and the development of sales training courses spanning a decade across various industries, Brad has become a prominent specialist in Aged Care Sales and Marketing.

Brad’s passion lies in aiding providers in establishing sustainable sales and marketing platforms, utilizing his unique blend of an MBA and psychology background to understand the nuanced needs and preferences of the target market.

As a leader, Brad holds dear the values of integrity, collaboration, and continuous development for both himself and his team. His impressive track record includes the successful achievement of key sales, personnel, and financial goals. Brad excels in the creation and implementation of marketing and promotional campaigns that not only align with company values but also stay attuned to market trends.

Beyond his leadership role, Brad is recognized for his engaging speaking and coaching style, taking pleasure in sharing insights and expertise on the art of human connection and building lasting bonds during transactions. His overarching mission is dedicated to delivering quality and innovative solutions that significantly enhance the lives of aged care residents and providers alike.

Paul Murphy

Co-Founder / Director

Meet Paul, Co-Founder of Quality Insite.With a remarkable 30-year career in the financial industry, including various management roles, Paul has transitioned into a decade-long commitment to the Aged Care and disability sector. Over the past 10+ years, he has been instrumental in assisting Australians in finding care while expertly organizing their finances.

Paul’s impact extends to working closely with numerous Aged Care providers, offering financial guidance and conducting training sessions on Aged Care Finance. As a Co-Founder of Quality Insite, he specializes in improving Aged Care experiences, infusing technology to enhance service delivery with a focus on dignity and person-centered approaches.

Paul’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to leveraging technology underscore his commitment to positive change in the Aged Care and disability sector. With a unique blend of financial expertise and Aged Care insight, he ensures Quality Insite remains at the forefront of enhancing the lives of individuals and families navigating the complexities of care and finance.

Lisa Goff

Operations Manager

Meet Lisa, our Operations Manager at Quality Insite, bringing two decades of expertise in customer service and operations management. Lisa is fuelled by a passion for leveraging technology to drive continuous improvement. Her leadership experience encompasses operations management, strategic planning, and team leadership, with a proven track record of optimising processes and elevating overall performance through collaboration with diverse organisations.

 What sets Lisa apart is her unwavering dedication to continuous improvement. Beyond meeting expectations, she actively seeks opportunities to refine processes and elevate standards, fostering a culture of operational excellence. Lisa’s goal is to create an environment where continuous improvement is ingrained, keeping our team and organisation at the forefront of innovation.

Lisa’s vision and commitment make her a driving force behind our pledge to deliver the highest standards of quality and operational excellence. With her leadership, Quality Insite is positioned for innovation and sets itself apart through a culture that values continuous improvement, ensuring we consistently deliver exceptional customer service.


The growth of our expertise

Our journey in aged care expertise is defined by these significant moments. As we move forward, our mission remains steadfast – to elevate the standards of aged care services while continuously exploring new horizons and avenues for growth.

Dec 2019

A vision takes shape

Quality INSITE comes into existence as a brainchild of Aged Care industry experts Paul Murphy and Brad Sandilands, brought to life during a casual conversation over drinks.

Mar 2020

A new dimension

The team expands with the inclusion of Greg Moran in March 2020, solidifying the company’s presence and amplifying its efforts through key government links and contacts.

Mar 2021

Unleashing strategy

Quality INSITE’s prowess shines as it spearheads Sales and Marketing strategy for a new Retirement Community on the vibrant Gold Coast.

Sep 2022

Unprecedented training success

A significant milestone is achieved as Quality INSITE conducts its most extensive training program to date, delivering an astounding 22 sessions to over 300 delegates. The program’s triumph is such that a demand for a more advanced program emerges.

Nov 2022

Connect the Dots initiatve

The dynamic Connect the Dots lead generation and qualification portal is unveiled, providing valuable resources and information to the general public seeking guidance in their Aged Care journey.

Jan 2023

A southern expansion

Quality INSITE extends its reach, establishing a new presence in Melbourne, enriching its services to a broader demographic.

June 2023

Expanding horizons

The footprint of Quality INSITE expands further, this time reaching Adelaide, reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering excellence across regions.

Sep 2023

Fostering placements

Stage 2 of the vacancy portal is flagged for launch – marking a pivotal step towards assisting providers and state health organisations in seamlessly placing residents, and emphasising Quality INSITE’s dedication to holistic support.


Unlock excellence and maximise returns through tailored solutions and expert guidance.