Virtual and physical tours to guide your operations

In the ever-evolving landscape of senior care, understanding the experience you offer is paramount. Our mystery shopping approach provides a unique blend of virtual tours and in-person assessments that delve deep into your facility’s operations. Through evaluation and benchmarking, we identify gaps in service delivery and provide recommendations to help you elevate your standards.

The Journey to Aged Care

Navigate through our illustrative map to understand your clients’ journey, and discover how our training empowers aged care facility providers, ensuring personalised and dignified care for seniors.


Key features of


Mystery tours redefined

Our ongoing mystery tours offer an unparalleled perspective into the core of your facility. Through meticulously crafted scenarios, we assess your consultants' prowess in gauging clients' needs and effectively communicating the unique features and benefits of your Home.

Service gap profiling

Identifying gaps in service delivery is our specialty. Our evaluations are diligently aligned with your company's predefined standards, allowing us to identify areas that require attention and improvement.

Thorough entry mode exploration

Unveil a comprehensive understanding of your clients' perspectives on entry modes. We conduct probing discussions to determine their grasp of entry by means – Supported, Partially Supported, or High Means. This ensures your services align seamlessly with their expectations.

Strategic enhancement recommendations

Armed with insights from our evaluations, we present you with the top three priority areas that need addressing. Our actionable recommendations are designed to guide your enhancements, ensuring you consistently deliver exceptional care experiences.

Benchmarking excellence

Immerse yourself in the meticulous benchmarking of every facet of your facility's tours. From amenities to interactions, we provide an in-depth assessment that allows you to refine your offerings and exceed industry standards.


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Tour INSITE is more than an evaluation process; it’s a partnership in your journey to service excellence. We offer you an all-encompassing perspective that guides your growth, streamlines your operations, and empowers you to provide unparalleled care services. Elevate your aged care facility’s reputation and impact with Tour INSITE today.