Digital Reporting


Elevate your facility’s performance with actionable insights

Digital Reporting is the revolutionary tool that empowers your aged care facility’s success. Seamlessly merging gap analysis dashboards and sales process review, we provide you with unparalleled visibility into your operations. Benchmarking your facility against industry trends and market leaders, we go above and beyond to ensure you remain at the forefront of the sector.

The Journey to Aged Care

Navigate through our illustrative map to understand your clients’ journey, and discover how our training empowers aged care facility providers, ensuring personalised and dignified care for seniors.


Key features of

 Digital Reporting

Precise gap analysis

Uncover the areas with the most potential for improvement through our comprehensive Gap Analysis Dashboards. By systematically evaluating your processes and services, we highlight gaps that might be inhibiting your growth and guide you towards strategic enhancements.

Local competitor insights

Elevate your local customer service rating through insightful competitor analysis. We evaluate up to three competitors per Home, reviewing and scoring them against your facility. This analysis establishes a valuable local benchmark that aids in refining your customer service approach.

Holistic sales process review

Our Sales Process Review delves into the core of your sales strategies. We examine every step, ensuring they align with your goals and customer expectations. This review provides actionable insights to refine your approach and drive higher conversion rates.

Strategic action steps

Armed with the insights from our dashboard, we provide you with actionable steps for improvement. Enhance your operations, refine your sales processes, and elevate your customer service to not just meet but exceed local expectations.

Industry benchmarking excellence

Gain a competitive edge with benchmarking against industry trends. By comparing your facility's performance to market leaders within the industry, you'll have a clear understanding of your position and areas for advancement.


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The Client INSITE Box isn’t just a tool – it’s a transformative strategy that equips you with the tools needed to lead your facility to excellence. Through data-driven decision-making, you can embrace growth and stand out in a competitive landscape. Illuminate your path to success with the INSITE Dashboard today.