Transforming customer engagement for lasting excellence

Through a meticulous customer engagement surveys, we delve into the heart of your residents’ experiences, enabling you to amplify satisfaction and refine your services. This comprehensive approach, blending interviews and ongoing calls, offers unparalleled insights that guide your facility towards continuous improvement and exceptional care.

The Journey to Aged Care

Navigate through our illustrative map to understand your clients’ journey, and discover how our training empowers aged care facility providers, ensuring personalised and dignified care for seniors.


Key features of

 Client INSITE

Comprehensive initial interviews

Begin your journey with thorough insights. By interviewing residents and their families, we establish a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement. This reveals valuable areas for enhancement and training, laying the foundation for a more tailored approach.

Live dashboard visibility

Witness the transformation firsthand through our live dashboard presentation. Access real-time data that highlights customer engagement trends and pinpoint areas requiring attention, empowering proactive decision-making.

Ongoing strategic calls

Our ongoing approach ensures continuous growth. Engaging with 10 to 15 clients per quarter per home, we use carefully designed questions to gauge customer engagement and identify opportunities for improvement and training, fostering a culture of constant refinement.

Actionable improvement steps

Armed with a wealth of data, we equip you with actionable steps to refine your services. Elevate engagement, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth by focusing on the areas that truly matter.

Benchmarked insights

Elevate your insights with benchmarking against industry standards. We provide you with a holistic view of your performance, allowing you to align your services with market expectations and exceed them.


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Client INSITE is more than a survey – it’s a transformative strategy that empowers you to truly understand your residents’ needs and improve their experiences. From initial interviews to ongoing calls, this solution empowers you to set new standards of excellence and create a lasting impact. Embrace the power of insights with Client INSITE today.