Meet Brad, the Co-Founder of Quality Insite, bringing a wealth of experience with over 25 years in Sales, Marketing, and Operational Management roles. With a strong foundation in coaching and the development of sales training courses spanning a decade across various industries, Brad has become a prominent specialist in Aged Care Sales and Marketing.

Brad’s passion lies in aiding providers in establishing sustainable sales and marketing platforms, utilizing his unique blend of an MBA and psychology background to understand the nuanced needs and preferences of the target market.

As a leader, Brad holds dear the values of integrity, collaboration, and continuous development for both himself and his team. His impressive track record includes the successful achievement of key sales, personnel, and financial goals. Brad excels in the creation and implementation of marketing and promotional campaigns that not only align with company values but also stay attuned to market trends.

Beyond his leadership role, Brad is recognized for his engaging speaking and coaching style, taking pleasure in sharing insights and expertise on the art of human connection and building lasting bonds during transactions. His overarching mission is dedicated to delivering quality and innovative solutions that significantly enhance the lives of aged care residents and providers alike.