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Driving occupancy and revenue growth through strategic sales and marketing planning

A local care provider based in Queensland recognised the need to enhance their occupancy rates and revenue generation in an increasingly competitive aged care market. Seeking professional guidance, they engaged Quality INSITE to develop a comprehensive Sales and Marketing Plan.


The client’s main challenge was to revamp their sales and marketing approach to attract more residents, increase occupancy rates, and ultimately drive revenue growth. They required a strategic roadmap that would align their efforts with their business objectives, ensuring sustainable success in the competitive landscape.


Quality INSITE collaborated closely with the client to craft a robust Sales and Marketing Plan. This plan was detailed and comprehensive, outlining clear objectives, a strategic framework, and specific tactics to be employed. The plan aimed to leverage the client’s strengths and market opportunities to achieve their occupancy and revenue goals.


Quality INSITE’s strategic approach to developing a comprehensive Sales and Marketing Plan empowered the Queensland-based care provider to achieve remarkable results. The plan’s strategic alignment and meticulous execution resulted in a substantial increase in occupancy rates, a significant revenue surge, and a consistently healthy waiting list. This case study exemplifies how a well-crafted and diligently executed Sales and Marketing Plan can lead to transformative growth, positioning providers for sustained success in the competitive aged care market.
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An increase of over 10% in occupancy rates. This substantial growth in resident numbers contributed to a more vibrant and thriving community.
The provider's top line witnessed a remarkable boost, with revenue surging by well over $12 million dollars. This financial growth underscored the strategic effectiveness of the plan.
The key marketing tactics outlined in the plan paved the way for a steady waiting list of potential residents. By targeting the right audience and crafting compelling messaging, the provider achieved a consistent influx of interested individuals, ensuring that occupancy remained healthy.
The provider found itself at full capacity for most months, reflecting the successful execution of the plan and the growing demand for their services.



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